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Department of Community Medicine

Community Medicine Overview:

Socially responsible medical practices are the need of the hour, especially for a country like ours. Taking the ‘art of healing’ to far flung rural communities is a science, that calls for utmost dedication and a zeal to serve.

At SSIMS&RC, the Department of Community Medicine is headed by highly experienced, dedicated and committed Community Medicine specialist. It has the finest of facilities, a well stocked library and an excellent museum.

The academic programmes of this department is tailored to inculcate a Research culture and prepare medical graduates for the ‘World Class Competence’ in Public Health.

It has a very large ‘store house of knowledge’ comprising of 146 medical books in the Departmental library and charts & models displayed in the museum, having a seating capacity of 75 students.

The Institution has adopted 3 Rural Health Centres and one Urban Health Centre for delivering comprehensive health care and specialist facilities in all disciplines of Medicine, to each and every individual residing in the defined geographical area, besides offering holistic approach in teaching curriculum.

School children‘s health check up has done under “Suverna Aroghya Yojana” – covering 4600 students in the Lokikere PHC area. Health education given at Urban family welfare centre Bashanagar, Davangere on tuberculosis and HIV infection and their prevention to the group of 80 patients. Hepatitis- B vaccination has given to all the medical students and nursing staff of our college regularly under community medicine supervision.

Regular Medical camps has been conducted from the department of Community Medicine in association with SS Institute of Medical Sciences and Research centre, SS Sparsh and SS Narayana Nethralaya, Davangere in association with College of Dental Sciences, Davangere.

Rural Health Training Centre

T The department of Community Medicine runs the Rural Health Training Centre (RHTC) in Lokikere and was established in the year 2008. The RHTC is situated about 17 kms from SSIMSRC, Davangere. It serves a population of 13692 and has three subcentres – Lokikere A, Lokikere B and Shygale B. The RHTC has an out patient department (OPD) and in-patient department (IP) with 6 beds which functions every day. The OPD has facilities for examination of the patient, conducting minor surgical procedures and provision for basic laboratory investigations to cater to the health needs of the population. The diagnosis and treatment of the patients is free including distribution of drugs. Specialty visits by department of OBG, Pediatrics, ENT, ophthalmology, Psychiatry, Dermatology are given every week. Outdoor- Services / Health education provided by RHTC are: School health checkups, Anganwadi health checkups, Suvarna arogya chetana, education of all lactating mothers about breastfeeding and immunization and observation of all important National health days. Interns are trained in RHTC daily. Family folders containing details of each household belonging to RHTC area are being maintained. Pradhana Manthri Mathruthva Abhiyana is done on 9th of every month.

Urban Health Training Centre (UHTC)

T The Department of Community Medicine runs the Urban Health Training Centre (UHTC) from 2008. The UHTC is situated in Bashanagar, Davangere TQ & DT, about 9.5 kms from the SSIMS&RC and covers the population of 36,006. The UHTC has an Out Patient Department (OPD), which functions every day. The OPD caters to the health care needs of the urban poor & slum dwellers of UHTC field practice area. This has facilities for patient examination, conducting minor surgical procedures, delivery services, inpatient admission services, and basic laboratory investigations. The diagnosis and treatment of patients is free including distribution of drugs. Speciality visit by department of ophthalmology is given every 2nd&4th Tuesday. Family planning camps,

C Cataract operation camps, screening camps for Diabetes and Hypertension are conducted regularly. Outdoor- Services provided by UHTC are Health education, School health checkups, and Anganwadi health checkups, education of all lactating mothers about breastfeeding and immunization and observation of all important National Health Days.. Outreach services like health camps, disease surveillance (IDSP activities), and supervision of urban sanitation including fogging services are done. Implementation of National health Programmes is an ongoing process. The UHTC has a well-equipped AV aids training hall with white board, Over Head Projector. This is used for undergraduate, interns and postgraduate training. Staffs, postgraduates & Interns are posted by rotation to the UHTC. Family survey activities are done by interns & postgraduates.

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