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Department of Physiology

Physiology Overview:

Human Physiology explains the functioning interactive systems which enables the existence of normal health of an individual. It also brings out the basic principles required to understand the pathophysiology of disease.

The Department of Physiology has well equipped clinical and experimental laboratories, built to meet the latest infrastructural, national and international standards for the medical under graduate and post graduate curriculum. The laboratories include: Hematology laboratory, Clinical /Human Physiology laboratory ( equipped with Tread-Mill Test Machine, Bicycle-ergograph, Lab-Tutor, Digital Electrocardiograph, Stethographs, Computerised Spirometer, Ergographs, Perimeters, etc ) for undergraduate training and additionally the Mammalian and Amphibian laboratory for postgraduate teaching.

The Faculty of the department are highly qualified both in the field of physiology (MD, PhD) & medical education (FAIMER, ACME,MET) . They attend workshops at national and international centres regularly, thus bringing in the updates and preparing the students for international standards for comprehension, critical evaluation and application of knowledge acquired.

To sensitize the medical UG students for research, the students are encouraged to take part in ICMR-STS projects and other research projects in the field of their interest under the guidance of faculty.

Department provides clinical services and research facility in specialised fields like:

  • Cardio-Physiology (Heat Rate Variability and Autonomic Function Tests)
  • Neuro-Physiology ( Brain Stem Evoked response Audiometry (BERA), Auditory Evoked Potentials, Visual Evoked Potentials, P300, Nerve Conduction Velocity , EMG)
  • Pulmonary functional Physiology (Computerized Pulmonary Function Tests)
  • Exercise Physiology
  • Nutritional Physiology (body mass indices, Iron deficiency, anemia, obesity, etc : awareness & intervention programs)

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