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Department of Forensic Medicine

Forensic Medicine Overview:

Forensic medicine is a most fascinating subject in medical curriculum dealing with all aspects of crime on human beings. It often uncovers the past in relation to the crime. A highly experienced, young enthusiastic, qualified teaching faculty runs the department. This department is equipped with most modern equipments to conduct the medico-legal autopsy and academic activities like practical and research activities for both undergraduates and postgraduate students.

The departmental museum has wonderful and good collection of toxicological specimens. Various crime scene photographs, skeletal remains, X-rays, weapons (firearms), whole range of charts, models and Medico-legal wet specimens. Teaching staff of our department are well trained in analytical toxicology and we have established Poison Detection Centre with all the facilities to analyse clinical samples from the poisoning cases. This service is open to all the clinical establishment in and around Davangere. Regular research activities both for UGs and PGs, mock court trails, CMEs, workshops are undertaken by the department. Departmental staff conduct medico-legal autopsy round the clock at a mortuary housed in a separate building, has a gallery space for students to witness postmortem examination. Mortuary has a facility to preserve dead bodies like cold storage cabins and embalming unit.

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