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Department of Medical Education

Department of Medical Education

Department of Medical Education
Name Designation Committee Position
Dr.B.S.Prasad Principal
Dr.Shashikala.P Professor & HoD - Pathology
99725 09785
Dr.A.Arun Kumar Professor & HoD - Anesthesia
97411 84800
Dr.Kavitha.G.U Professor - Pathology
98800 55699
Dr.V.L.Jayasimha Professor - Microbiology
94488 39277
Dr.Deepti Pruthvi Professor - Pathology
98440 39081
Dr.Gayatri L.Patil Professor - OBG
98867 33535
Dr.Raghavendra.A.Y Professor - Anatomy
99721 34242
Dr.Chirag Babu Professor - Anesthesia
Dr.Veena.M Associate Professor - Microbiology
91481 91566
Dr.Venkatesh.B.K Professor - ENT
98861 36434
Dr.Ashwin Kumar Professor - P&SM
97429 20232
Dr.Renu Lohithashwa Associate Professor - Physiology
94822 20305

Department of Medical Education: Activities

3.04.2018 to 07.04.2018: Advanced course in Medical education(ACME).

Dr. Deepti Pruthvi and Dr. Venkatesh. K, attended the first onsite session of ACME held at MCI nodal centre for faculty development, J.N. Medical College, Belagavi.

21.06.2018: Postgraduate orientation programme:

Postgraduate orientation program was conducted on 21st June 2018 by the Medical educational unit in association with Academic body. Dr Renu Lohitashwa, Associate Professor, Department of Physiology welcomed the gathering, followed by candle lighting by Principal, Dr B S Prasad, Vice Principal, Dr Shashikala P, Medical Director, N K Kalappanavar, HOD’s of all the departments, teaching faculty and 1st year postgraduates. Dr B.S Prasad addressed the students and emphasised on discipline for all their future accomplishments. Dr N K Kalappanavar, Medical Director also spoke on the occassion and stressed on being considerate and compassionate to the patients. Dr V L Jayasimha, Professor, Microbiology briefed the Postgraduates regarding the calendar of events for the postgraduate tenure. Dr Kavita G U, Professor, Department of Pathology, delivered the vote of thanks. Dr Sowmya B A, Asst Professor, Department OF Physiology was the master of ceremony.

2nd and 3rd July 2018: Research Methodology workshop

Research Methdology workshop was held on 2nd and 3rd July. It was attended by all 1st year post graduates. Following faculty were the resource persons Dr. B.S.Prasad, Dr. N.K.Kalappanavar,Dr. Shashikala.P, Dr. Vijaykumar Jatti, Dr. Gayathri Patil, Dr. Jayasimha. V.L , Dr. Venkatesh.B.K , Dr. Vinod Jumar.C.S, Dr. Suneetha Kalasurmath , Dr. Ashwin Kumar, Dr. Ratna Prabha , Dr. Prakash.K, Dr. Asha Bullappa

18th, 19th, 20th & 21st September 2018: Faculty training programme

Dr. Veena.M & Dr. Asha Bullappa attended the Revised basic course MET workshop and AETCOM workshop( Sensitisation programme) conducted at J. N. Medical College , Belgavi from 18th to 21st September 2018.

21st September 2018: Faculty training programme

Dr. Balaji.T.G attended AETCOM workshop( Sensitisation programme) conducted at J. N. Medical College , Belgavi from 18th to 21st September 2018.

19th, 20th, 21st& 22nd September2018: MCI Faculty training

MCI Revised basic course workshop in Medical education technologies along with sensitisation programme for AETCOM was conducted at SSIMSRC. Dr Jyothi Nagmothi was the observer from MCI Nodal centre for faculty development, JNMC, Belgavi. 30 faculties from various departments were trained. The following faculty were the resource persons: Dr. Shashikala.P, Dr. Kavitha.G.U, Dr. Deepti Pruthvi, Dr. Jayasimha.V.L, Dr. Gayathri Patil, Dr. Lata.G.S, Dr. Venkatesha.B.K, Dr. Suneetha Kalsurmath, Dr. Geetha Lakshmi, Dr. Vinod Kumar.C.S, Dr. Renu Lohitashwa, Dr. Raghavendra, Dr. Veena.M, Dr. Asha Bullappa , Dr. Sowmya.B.A.


First Aid workshop for students of Savitha Diploma in fire and safety engineering college was organised on 30/3/2019. First aid training was conducted by Dr. Ashwin Kumar Coordinator youth Red Cross in association with Dept of Community Medicine, Dept of Anaesthesia, DOME and Dept of Emergency Medicine. Twenty students participated in the workshop which was conducted in MEU hall.
Following were the resource persons
Dr. Ashwin Kumar
Dr. Bakkesh
Dr. Vinayaka
Dr. Ganesh
Dr. Rakesh and
Anaesthesia Post graduates
Dr. Shashikala co-ordinator DOME distributed the certificates to the participants.

02/5/2019 to 04/05/2019

Curriculum implementation and support(CISP) programme for faculty was organised by medical education unit of SSIMS&RC under the observership of MCI nodal centre JNMC, Belagavi form 2nd may 2019 to 4th May 2019. Thirty faculty from various departments participated in the workshop. Principal Dr. B.S.Prasad Inaugurated the programme. Dr. Sheethal Harkuni, form Nodal centre was the observer.
Following were Resource persons
Dr. Shashikala.P - Coordinator, MEU
Dr. Latha.G.S
Dr. Jayasimha
Dr. Gayathri Patil
Dr. Renu Lohitaswa


Dr. Renu Lohitaswa, Curriculum Comittee member delivered a guest lecture on “Foundation Course” for Indian Medical Graduate. The programme was jointly organised by Academic body and Medical Education Unit. Faculty, Postgraduate students and Interns attended the programme. Dr. S.B.Gejje. welcomed the gathering. Principal, Vice Principal, Medical Director were present.

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