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Curriculum Committee

Curriculum Committee

Reference to the book 'Curriculum Implementation support program (CISP) of the competency based undergraduate medical education curriculum 2A19, (page no"10B & 109)

Alignment integration topic team/cornmittee'is hereby formed a new with the following office bearers.

Curriculum Committee
Name Designation Position
Dr.Santosh Bhosle Associate Professor - Anatomy Member
Dr.Jayasudha.K Professor - Physiology Member
Dr.Shashikala Lamani Associate Professor - Biochemistry Member
Dr.Satish S.Patil Professor - Microbiology Member
Dr.Kiran.L.J Professor - Pharmacology Member
Dr.Pravinkumar.N.K Associate Professor - Forensic Medicine Member
Dr.Neetha.Y Associate Professor - Pathology Member
Dr.Ashwin Kumar Professor - Community Medicine Member
Dr.Ajith.K.M Professor - ENT Member
Dr.Shanthala Arunkumar Professor & HoD - Ophthalmology Member
Dr.Peersab Pinjaar Professor - General Medicine Member
Dr.Sagar.S.M Professor - General Surgery Member
Dr.Bandamma.N.S Professor - OBG Member
Dr.Mruthyunjaya.N Associate Professor - Psychiatry Member
Dr.Manjunath.J Professor & HoD - Orthopaedics Member
Dr.Bakkesh Budhihal Prasad Associate Professor - Emergency Medicine Member
Dr.Chirag Babu.P.S Professor - Anesthesia Member
Dr.Veeresh Babu.D.V Associate Professor - Pediatrics Member

Reference to the book 'Curriculurrr implernentation support program competency based undergraduate medical education curriculum 2019

'Co0mmittee for Foundation Course Implementation' is hereby lormed with the following office bearers.

Name Contact Details
Dr.B.S.Prasad Principal
08192-261807 | 92433 12890
Dr.A.V.Angadi HoD - Anatomy
98866 78535
Dr.C.R.Mallikarjuna HoD - Biochemistry
94489 23998
Dr.Vidya M.Nadiger HoD - Physiology
92432 31644
Dr.Geethalakshmi.R.G Professor & Head - Community Medicine
99005 59063
Dr.P.Shashikala HoD - Pathology
99725 09785

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